About us

Qingdao Xiaonong International Trade Co.,Ltd(Natural Spice Qingdao Co.,LTd) is a professional spice export company, specilized in paprika and chilli related products. We have two factories, they are located in Hebei province and Shandong province, with an aren of 50MU(33,300M2), 150 stuffs work in normal season.

Our factory is certificated to HACCP, ISO9001, KOSHER. Our factory has the ability to handle 5000mt of paprika in every year, the main oversea market is Europe and USA. 

We also have a facility specially to produce steam sterilized paprika powder and chili powder. When the paprika pods come into our factory, they are selected, pre-washed and dried. After crushing and milling, they follow to steam sterilized process. After steam sterilization, they follow to blending tank. We can blend the good surface color and exact ASTA according to client’s request. Eventually, they are immediately sealed by vacuum and placed to cold storage. Our final paprika powder has beautiful eye-view color and low microorganism. 

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